Lit HW for 5/9/14

I think the primary cause of hatred is fear and jealousy. I say this because people typically hate what they don’t understand or either what they can’t have. Some people may not notice this, but it happens every day.  For example, someone may own something that they want but could never have. That person will more than likely get jealous and build hate towards the person that does have whatever it is they want. To be more specific, this is mostly seen in the act of maybe stealing someone’s phone. By the way, just recently, someone at our school got their phone stolen. It’s really sad when you think about. When I hear about these things, it always raises the question: “Why can’t people just be content with what they have?” This question has yet to be answered. I feel like people almost hate being asked. It’s like they’re scared to answer. Or scared what might end up being true about reality. This brings me into my next source of hatred which I claim to be fear. I think the second source of hatred is fear because people usually hate what they’re scared of because they don’t understand it. For example, arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. When people talk about it, they usually incorporate their amount of hatred towards spiders. I, for one, am guilty of doing this. The root behind that is the lack of knowledge about spiders.  All in all, the source of hatred really begins with either fear or jealously because we hate what we’re afraid of and we can never stay content with what we have.

Something we can do to try and stop all of the hatred is attempt to reverse the sources. Maybe try not to be so afraid. Actually learn something about what we don’t know so we don’t have to be scared anymore. This is practically one of the best ways to reduce that type of hatred. The type of hatred that is fueled by jealously can be quite hard to stop. It’s almost a known fact that’s people are never happy enough with what they have and they’re wanting/looking for more. The best thing we as a people can do to fill that need is to stop looking and monitoring what other people have, and just focus on what’s in front of us. In the long run it’s all about trying. No matter how many attempts it takes, we can only hope for the best outcome in trying to reduce hatred.


Lit HW for 4/18

Just about two months ago, two little children by the ages of six and four, we’re killed by a grenade at an anti-government rally outside a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. On top of that, a five-year-old girl was killed by a stray bullet when attackers opened fire on an anti-government demonstration in eastern Trat province. It’s a shame to read about these incidents because it’s always something going bad. So two families have lost their children and will probably have to go to their funeral. There is nothing on what the police will do the attackers or if they were even caught.

It’s always a bad thing when parents end up having to go to their children’s funeral. It’s a very depressing moment in time and can never be undone. This probably why i don’t watch the news. I honestly don’t know what to think of this. In my opinion, it seems like these type of tragedies are always happening over seas in foreign countries. The first thing that comes toons is, how could’ve people stopped this from happening? Could the family have just stayed inside for the day? Was the reason they were out so very important that it couldn’t wait another day? I find that these are factors in the cause of these children’s death.

I could probably relate this to Schindler’s List because the entire movie was based around killing innocent people. This includes small children around the age of four to six. Nazis were killing Jewish kids. In Thailand, we have random terrorist acts against innocent children and their families.

Lit HW 4/11

Yet again, another bullying incident. Just earlier today I saw a kid getting beat on. It could’ve been for no reason. Or for something completely rational. Second floor stairwell is where it all happened. A kid pushed into a corner,  taking body shots from left and right. I was on my way to class and be sure I’m such a good student and didn’t want to be late to class I left it alone. I saw violence in their fists, but smiles on their faces. This part really confused me because I thought it was sort of ironic done to the fact that they looked happy, and they were smiling. I didn’t hear the whole story, so I was lost from beginning to end. They still beat up the kid, but it just never made sense why.

I think they thought this was okay to do because there wasn’t an SSO around the corner. Also they were probably riding on  the fact that no kid at this school (at least most of them) will “snitch” on them. It’s really a matter of moral right. They clearly thought that besting on some kid was an okay thing to do. Regardless if they were all friends or not.

This closely relate to First They Killed My Father because in that one scene with the captured soldier, the village people wanted to kill him. This scene is similar to how the kids in the stairwell were all up on the kid in the corner, what looked like debating on what to do to him. 

Lit HW 4/4

     Lately I’ve seen a lot of violence. What happened was a random kid came up and punched someone in the face. All while screaming “Get slumped!” it didn’t make quite much sense to me. Then it happened at least two more times.
     I think this happened because kids around this school just love to play fight like it’s cool. It’s really not. tits like they don’t understand that these things can lead to real fights. It’s dangerous and troubling. They wonder why SSO’s always get on their backs about not messing around. All it takes is one student to make the wrong choice at the the wrong time, and evening can go south.
     These problems can be resolved by kids just keeping their hands to themselves. It seems that kids lack the ability to do so. This sort of relates to Things Fall Apart because Okonkwo was the type of person to just take out his anger on anyone he didn’t like. It’s like this situation because that one kid that “slumped” the kid in the hallway, maybe he didn’t like him very much.

Literature HW for 3/28

Earlier this week I saw a kid get jumped in a corner. It was mid-day, taken place in the stairwell. I didn’t quite know what was going on because I didn’t want to get in the middle of it. On top of that I had to get to class. Wasn’t much going on. There were about 3 big kids huddled around the one kid (who wasn’t small by any means), just beating on him. I’m sure they were just lying around, but some folks don’t know that something playfully that can turn into something serious. Could I really say it was hate? I’m not sure. I’m truly just basing this off of what I saw that day.

I think they were beating this kid up just for kicks. Although it all looked intentional, maybe they didn’t like the kid. It was a genuine thought to me because I always here these kids trash each other. I don’t really talk to the other kids in school so I wouldn’t know. If they were being serious, why didn’t anyone do anything? Why didn’t I do anything? Well for one, I didn’t want anything to do with it. Second, some of these kids just don’t care. Just like how when they see a fight going on, they want to sit and watch instead of breaking it up. They really could’ve done it for any reason. Most of these kids often take action without thinking first. Not knowing that small jokes can lead to big fights.

This incident can relate to Schindler’s List. Their similarities sort of collapse in each other. When people are in groups, they aren’t always necessarily hateful, but majority of the time, it’s file with people that think the leader is the one in the right. So in essence they just follow weeks in charge. So like with Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List, he was the head Nazi. Then he had all his little minions that followed wherever he went. All of the Jewish that he killed were the victims. In this scenario, the one kid that was getting beat up, was the victim (Jews), the kid that was beating him up was the leader (Amon Goeth), and then there are the other 2 kids that followed (Nazis).

Apple’s New iPhone 5c


This is Apple’s new iPhone 5c. It’s not too different from their current iPhone 5, but there are some key elements that make it stand from others. First off, we all know about their original uni-body design, but this time it is all plastic.  This is definitely a new road for Apple to take seen as though they usually go for the high quality, all metal and plastic feel. Not this time. Also, not to mention that it ships with Apple’s brand new iOS 7. this just emphasizes how much color there is in and on the phone. And speaking of color, There are numerous. The current colors that they have are green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. On a personal note, I’m not really feeling all of that color. Just a bit too much. Not too much was touched on about the phone’s performance, but we are all sure that it will be plenty powerful.

Give me your opinion.  How do you feel about their new idea?

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Legend Edition “Jean Bugatti”

Fantastic car. Only I would never buy one.


bugatti veyron and bugatti 57sc atlantic
The first in the “Les Légendes de Bugatti” (Bugatti Legends) series, the Grand Sport Vitesse ‘Legend Jean-Pierre Wimille’, has already been released at Monterey Car Week earlier in the year. IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 is the setting for the second Legend to be revealed, the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Legend Edition “Jean Bugatti”. As the name suggests, this special edition Veyron pays tribute to Jean Bugatti, son of the company founder and creator of the Type 57SC Atlantic.

Bugatti’s Press Release

IAA 2013: The Bugatti Legend “Jean Bugatti” receives its world premiere

The second vehicle in this six-part edition pays tribute to Jean Bugatti, son of the company founder and creator of the Type 57SC Atlantic
Production of the second model is strictly limited to a run of three vehicles, as it was with the first in the Bugatti Legend series

Molsheim / Frankfurt, 9 September 2013. Following the…

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